Zomsa Holidays & Adventures Blog http://www.zomsaholidaysadventures.in/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 25 May 2024 12:57:07 +0530 en-us http://www.zomsaholidaysadventures.in Amazing Places That You Should Travel In Your Lahaul & Spiti Tour http://www.zomsaholidaysadventures.in/blog/amazing-places-that-you-should-travel-in-your-lahaul-spiti-tour_13621.htm Fri, 21 Oct 2022 14:28:57 +0530 Visit the beautiful and mysterious Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh if you do not believe there is anything like heaven on this planet. This enormous, icy desert, rightly called "Little Tibet," is harsh and desolate but wonderfully stunning. You'll be in awe of Spiti's postcard-perfect scenery and its main attractions. When you Book Lahaul & Spiti Tour Packages, you find that it is surrounded by steep ravines and canyons.   The Spiti Valley is home to lively monasteries, charming hamlets, snow-capped mountains, lush woods, and magnificent lakes, which are the most fascinating sites to visit. Before we proceed to the must-see attractions in Spiti, here are some crucial details on how to get there and the best time to go.   Are you browsing for the major attractions in Spiti Valley because you're planning a trip there?   The following is a list of the best destinations in Spiti Valley that you should visit for a meaningful getaway.   Key Monastery –  Key Monastery, sometimes referred to as Kye Gompa and located in the Kaza region, is among the most popular destinations in the Spiti valley.   One of the biggest gompas, Key Monastery is famed for its spectacular Buddha temple, antiquated literature, manuscripts, and paintings. It is situated at an elevation of 4112 metres above the Spiti River.   The key monastery is undoubtedly one of the most captivating destinations to visit in Kaza and Spiti Valley. Its fort-like building mimics a Chinese theme, a stunning assembly hall, and an attractive Tengyur chamber. Nearly all of the Lahaul & Spiti Tour Packagesinclude the location.   Tabo Monastery –  The Tabo Monastery, known for its exquisite murals, is one of the ancient landmarks worth visiting in the Spiti valley.The main attractions of the monastery are its nine Tara and Buddha Maitreya temples and several stupas. Other sights to view are numerous Bodhisattva stucco sculptures, gorgeous murals, and Buddha-related artwork when you Book Lahaul & Spiti Tour Packages.    Lhalung Monastery –  One of Spiti's first monasteries, Lhalung was established by the Buddhist Mahaguru Rinchen Zangpo. This old monastery, which is decorated by a complex of nine shrines, is regarded as a centre for Buddhist teachings. Additionally, Lhalung is frequently referred to as the "Golden Temple" because of the numerous gold-leaf gods it houses.   Gandhola Monastery –  Around 800 years ago, Padma Sambhava founded the Gandhola Monastery, which is famous for its woodwork monuments and statues.This monastery, which is basic and positioned where Chandra and Bhaga converge, has historical significance despite its simplicity.   Chandratal –  Chadratal in Lahaul, Spiti Valley, is among the most breathtaking spots to visit if waterbodies inspire the poet in you. The name derives from the shape of the crescent moon line. This glittering natural wonder is close to Kunzum Pass and is a photographer's dream. Additionally, the clear blue lake, abundant vegetation, and snow-capped peaks make it an ideal location for camping and hiking in Lahaul & Spiti Tour Packages.   Suraj Tal –  Sun Lake, or Suraj Tal, is one of Lahaul and Spiti's most picturesque tourist destinations. This breathtaking lake is adjacent to Baralacha Pass and is usually visited by nature enthusiasts, enthusiastic hikers, and photographers. Visit Suraj Tal from May to October throughout the summer to experience it at its most vibrant.   Dhankar Lake –  Unquestionably one of the most captivating sights in the Spiti Valley is Dhankar or Sar Kund Lake, a magnificent natural lake located on a rock at a height of 4270 metres. After a relatively challenging trip, one arrives at this gorgeous lake, where the wonderful vistas of the pure lake water and magnificent peaks wash away the exhaustion of the journey.   Kunzum Pass –  At 4590 metres, the Kunzum mountain pass, located in the Kunzum Range, connects the valleys of Kullu, Lahaul, and Spiti. This location on the map of the Spiti Valley is significant. From Chandratal Lake, a trek may be taken to reach the area, which provides breathtaking views of the Chandrabhaga Range. A centuries-old Devi temple and colourful Buddhist flags add to the awe of this geographical gem.   Baralacha Pass –  The Baralacha Pass on the Manali-Leh Highway in Zanskar, which also functions as a centre for another treacherous road that connects Lahaul and Ladakh, is one of the most challenging passes for adventurous tourists. From here, one can see where the Pir Panjal, Great Himalayan, and Zanskar ranges converge.   The waterways Bhaga and Yunam that border the route's flanks add to its beauty. It is one of the most captivating tourist destinations in Lahaul and Spiti and is great for camping, hiking, and mountain riding. If you are planning a road trip to Ladakh alongside your substantial other or your friends, Baralacha in Spiti would be among the best experiences you have.   Pin Valley National Park –  One of the most exciting sites to visit in Lahaul & Spiti Tour Packages is Pin Valley National Park, surrounded by semi-frozen streams and a rich bio sanctuary of uncommon to endangered flora and wildlife.  Here you can also frequently find a variety of medicinal herbs, alpine vegetation, and cedar and deodar trees. The majestic Himalayas serve as the background to this Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve, which would be ideal for outdoor fans, photographers, animal enthusiasts, and bird watchers.   Kibber –  Kibber is one of the picture-perfect hillside hamlets in the Spiti Valley. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful yet difficult sites to explore in Spiti valley and is frequently visited by thrill seekers and ardent hikers. Kibber, also known as Kyibar in its native tongue, is a tiny settlement at 4205 metres that has its Gompa and monastery and provides amazing views of the environs. It is a significant rest break on the Spiti Valley Trek as well.   Losar –  One of Spiti's must-see locations is Losar, which is situated at the junction of the Losar and Peeno streams, just yards from the Indo-Chinese border. One of Spiti's most natural villages, it is mainly unspoiled by visitors. As a result, there are few places to eat and stay. The village's captivating beauty, though, makes up for its lack of comfort and luxury. Losar is worth a visit for its breathtaking scenery, glittering rivers and lakes, and thundering waterfalls.   The months of June through September are the ideal times to visit Lahaul Spiti Valley. These months have good weather, with daytime highs of 25 degrees and night-time lows of 3 to 4 degrees. Summer is the ideal time to go by car to Spiti Valley. Before it, the roads are closed for over 6 months as a result of the significant snowfall.   This collection of Spiti Valley attractions is the ideal road map for your trip there. When you Book Lahaul & Spiti Tour Packages, you can have a wonderful holiday in the lovely valley. A Complete Guide to Explore Chitkul Tours http://www.zomsaholidaysadventures.in/blog/a-complete-guide-to-explore-chitkul-tours_13992.htm Thu, 29 Dec 2022 10:34:03 +0530 No matter where are you going, a holiday can diminish our everyday work pressure. A vacation can not only help us to rejuvenate but also help in creating priceless memories. When it’s a matter of choosing a place for a vacation, there are countless options. Our country is full of wonderful places with natural scenic beauties. You can glance at the elegance of massive snowy mountains as well as endless wise beaches.   Are you a mountain lover and looking forward to having your next vacation in the deep snowy valleys of Himachal? Then Chitkul would be an excellent option for fulfilling your desires. There is no doubt that Himachal Pradesh is an incredible place for conducting tours. Chitkul is a village that is situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Chitkul is mainly famous for its snowy atmosphere and natural scenic views.   Himachal has numerous districts to visit. Each of them is filled with an incredible natural elegance and lovely splendour. But among all the districts of Himachal, Kinnaur is possibly the most stunning one. You can experience eye-catching spectacular natural views, tall alpine trees, and an incredibly delightful climate. And if you are an enthusiast of adventure sports, there there are countless opportunities.   Kinnaur is a small hill station that is perfect for visiting throughout the year, especially in winter. If you are looking forward to having a remarkable Chitkul trip, create a list of the must-visit places. Make sure you have included Baspa River Front, Mathi Temple, Kamru Fort, Charang Chitkul Pass, and Rakchham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary in your list. You can visit Shimla, Kullu and Manali too if you are planning to have a long trip.   Before planning your Chitkul trip survey the weather of the place well. The best time to travel to Chitkul is from March to June, as the average temperature ranges between 15 to 25°C. However, if you wish to conduct your tour in a more calm and peaceful time and wish to explore the snow in these hill stations, plan a tour to Chitkul between October to January. Because you can experience temperatures as low as -2 to 8°C.    But without planning conducting a tour to Chitkul is not an easy thing. This is why proper planning is the first requirement. Therefore, booking Chitkul tour packages can be a sound option. While planning your trip, you need to evaluate some considerable aspects. This not only saves a great amount of money but also prevents any hassles.   Let’s talk about the facts with a detailed assessment. Make A Detailed Plan The very first requirement of booking any tour package is to create a precise plan. Before booking any tour package, note down everything with detailed descriptions. Proper planning can help you to conduct your trip progressively. If you make a primary scratch about the places you would visit can help you to make your trip more enjoyable.    If you are planning a short vacation, at least spend at least 2 nights in Chitkul. Also, make a list of the destinations you want to stay in. There are so many fascinating and attractive things to do in Chitkul. If you are planning to attend adventure sports, conduct a trip of at least 4-5 days. If you do some good study on the must-visit places, it can help you travel to Chitkul at a cost-effective rate.   The Mode Of Transportation The next significant element of booking Chitkul tour packages is to confirm the mode of transportation. No matter from which corner you are coming to Chitkul, there are numerous modes of transportation. When it’s about a tour to Chitkul. You can select trains, flights, buses and cars as means of conveyance. There is no direct train or flight to Kinnaur. You need to travel to Kinnaur via Shimla or Manali by train or flight. Then you can book a private car or travel by bus.   But to avoid any complications regarding your tickets and to get thrilling offers, always select a reputable travel agency. If you want to save a good amount, try to choose more reasonable modes. You can visit different sights in Chitkul by bus rather than in personal cars. This can help you to save the overall cost of your trip. You can also choose from multiple Chitkul tour packages to get a trip within your desired budget.   Book Comfortable Hotels   The next big issue in planning a Chitkul trip is hotel stays. It's unnecessary to cite that there are countless options for hotel stays to choose from. There are 5-star hotels, 3-star hotels and even cheap hotels too. While selecting lodgings for your Chitkul trip, always try to secure comfort but at a reasonable price. But how? Well, before booking any lodging, see the reviews well and discuss everything well with the hotel staff.    If you want to book your lodging at an economical rate, select a hotel that is positioned in a less commercialised place. The primary concern while booking a hotel should be comfortable, not the locality. Booking lodgings that have limited indulgences can help you redeem the overall cost of your Chitkul trip. You can book Chitkul tour packages to get a trip like never before.   Plan Adventure Activities The best way to make your Chitkul trip remarkable is to plan some adventure activities. Fishing, underwater sports like scuba diving, glass water boat riding, and birdwatching can be sound options if you are looking forward to having a thrilling experience. You can do trekking also if the intention is to have fun. For conducting all these actions, you need to book efficient Chitkul tour packages.   Take All The Required Things While conducting a tour of Chitkul, do not forget to arrange your bags properly. Along with your fashionable clothes and accompaniments, it's necessary to take all the required accessories. This is to avoid any inconvenience on your trip. Below is the advice that you must follow before conducting any tour.    ● Keep adequate warm clothing and good-quality shoes.   ● Keep your medicines, sunscreen, and toiletries.   ● Don’t wander outside lonely at night and always be with your friends and family.   So these are some of the best methods of getting a Chitkul trip that can be ever-memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Follow our article and get a Chitkul trip like never before.